We lovelovelove to produce and engineer your recordings from start to finish - this is our passion! - but we're also happy to individualize our services to support cool diy projects and stellar production teams alike. our pricing typically uses a sliding scale flat rate model to maintain the highest standards of quality and prioritize our "songs first" creative process. sure, we occasionally make exceptions to accommodate day rates too, but only if it can benefit your project and goals.



They say that all a great song needs is 3 chords and the truth... no matter how many chords, we dig your truth!  As songwriters ourselves and offer trusted editing, heartfelt cowriting, and original compositions that you can be proud of.


Before we ever touch a mic, your production needs a tight band, the right tools, and a solid plan.  In PreProd, we work on the mix from the very beginning with song focussed edits+arrangements, session planning, performance coaching, tone critique and more.


There are no cookie cutter recording techniques here, only a keen ear and an experienced hand (two of each!) to select and place each mic and get exactly the tones that your production needs and your songs deserve.  


Beyond the talents of each individual musician, it's every player hitting the right notes at the right time that creates a powerful mix and a near-perfect performance. Our pitch correction service is clear, natural, and delivered on time!


A great mix is one that makes best use of frequency, dynamics, space, and interest to create an emotional response from a listener.  Sure we'll add eq, compression, tape delays, and plugins, but what matters most to give it all the feels!

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